UX Books: Designing For Emotion

UX Books: Designing For Emotion

Book Review

Designing for Emotion is bought to us by Aarron Walter as part of the A Book Apart series.

Designing for Emotion teaches us how to design and build digital products users will fall in love with, by creating memorable human connections through design.

Throughout the book Aarron argues that when we are designing online experiences, we should be looking past the delivery of functional requirements in order to create a pleasurable online experiences that surprise and delight users.



Translating Maslow’s hierarchy of needs to online experiences


The book shares multiple examples from Aarron’s time working as User Experience Design Lead at MailChimp as well various other case studies from around the web.

If you’re interested in both Design and Psychology this book is a great read.

About The Author

Aarron Walter (@aarron) is currently VP of Design Education at InVision having previously founded the UX Practise at Mailchimp. Aarron has also taught design at colleges in the US and Europe, and speaks regularly at conferences around the world.

Who’s It For?

The book is great for anyone just getting started in Design and UX it’s lighthearted and friendly tone mean it’s freely accessible and a real pleasure to read.

Where To Get It?

You can purchase the book from Amazon

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