UX Books: The User Experience Team of One

UX Books: The User Experience Team of One

Book Review

The User Experience Team of One: A Research and Design Survival Guide is bought to us by Leah Buley, an Independent Design Consultant from San Francisco, CA.

The UX Team of One provides a practical guide for anyone working in UX and Design. In this book, Leah talks around building advocacy for UX within client facing organisations where ‘UX’ may seem like a foreign practice.

Throughout the book Leah educates the user on the background and rise of UX within the 21st century before introducing the ‘UX toolkit’ that summarises potential UX activity across a digital project.


The UX Toolkit outlines various UX activities that can take place throughout a projects lifecycle


After introducing UX activities, The UX Team of One then deep dives into each activity providing advice, tips and practical guidance on all areas from building conducting Stakeholder Interviews to building Proto Personas, running Stakeholder Workshops, Sketching Interfaces and more.



Ideation workshops are great forums for staekholders to come together and collaborate around potential solutions


About The Author

Leah Buley (@leahbuley) is currently working as a Independent Design Consultant from San Francisco, CA. In previous years she has worked in UX / Design related roles for Design Consultancy firms such as Adaptive Path, Intuit and Forrester Research.

Who’s It For?

The book is great for anyone working day to day within a client facing UX team. It provides multiple tips and techniques for building UX Advocacy, conducting research, running workshops and presenting your findings.

Where To Get It?

You can purchase the book from Amazon

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